iPad Display Surprise, iOS 15 Devices in December Updates.

iPad Display Surprise, iOS 15 Devices in December Updates.


I am going to tell you about the Apple December surprise Updates like iOS 15 Devices, iPad Display Surprise, iOS 14.3 Release and more in this blog. Which I have very searched and tested myself before and now I will tell about Apple December surprise Updates. So let's see you.

iPad Display Surprise

iPad Display Surprise

About the Updates like iPad Display Surprise

In this blog. I want to see Apple December surprise Updates  like iOS 15 Devices, iPad Display Surprise, iOS 14.3 Release and more. So let's Start. A saying that the iPhone 6s 6s plus like. I have a here. And the iPhone se will not be receiving a iOS 15. When that comes out probably next September. Or so now apple will show us iOS 15 in June. And then give it supported devices. 

Then but based on what they've done in the past. That doesn't seem like an unlikely thing. So usually apple gives devices about five years of updates. And that would be about right. We may get six years of updates. It just depends on the device but right. Now that's what it seems like that wouldn't surprise me at all. And maybe just iPhone 7. And newer would be what gets iOS 15. We'll have to wait. And see this is never guaranteed until apple says something in June. 


iPad Display Surprise

So if you do have a 6s or 6s plus don't get nervous or anything. We'll wait and see what happens. When that comes out or when we find out about that with wwdc in June. Now as far as iOS 15 there's. Already rumors about it saying. That it's going to get a full redesign. Now we've thought this since iOS13 14. And now 15. So I'm just going to say at this point. It's possible. But if we look at what apple has done with mac os in the past. It didn't get a huge redesign for many many years. They've changed Icons to some of the new icons. That are controversial. 

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They've changed some of the ways things work such as control center. But they haven't changed. IT all together. And so it seems like it's possible. They're going to redesign something. But if we get a full ios 7 style redesign i'd be pretty surprised. But it's still possible and of course. We won't know again until that same time frame of wwdc in June now some information from as recent As today is saying that the next ipad's pro models. That come out will be OLED now. 

I'm not a big fan of OLED displays on larger displays because they control brightness with pwm and that can cause eye strain. It's been pretty good with the iPhones. But I don't really want it on my larger displays. That's just my personal preference. And some people are saying that they will be OLED. But then there's another information saying. That they'll be micro led. I would rather have micro or mini led depending on which one we're going to see is hard to say. 

iPad Display Surprise

But mini led wouldn't necessarily need pwm to control. A brightness and i would rather see that based on what. We've seen in the past with supply chains. Those OLED displays could very well be for things like Samsung galaxy tabs. And things along those lines hopefully. I really hope apple is adopting micro led. Which should save some power last a little bit longer than OLED displays. And hopefully not use pwm. So I would love to see that in the future.  And hopefully we will see that.

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Now the new m1 based apple silicon devices like this. Macbook pro are fantastic. And apple apparently is already working on a mac mini with 10 gigabit ethernet in it. So whether or not they come out with a mac mini pro or something like that. There's already so parts sourced with that particular device having 10 gigabit ethernet that currently is not an option. If you try and order. It so maybe they have future plans real soon or maybe. It's for next year. But we lost that with the current update of the mac mini hopefully. 

We gain that back soon. Now apple is apparently planning a surprise in December according to love to dream. He's fairly reliable on twitter. And they're saying. We're going to get a Christmas surprise from apple a winner exclusive good for winner whether. That be a new iPhone sock or something else would be interesting. But i can't wait to see what that is hopefully. It's a surprise and something significant but maybe. IT won't be but either way. It looks like apple has more  to come. We've already had three events in three months. 

iPad Display Surprise

Something about whatever's coming soon either way in Apple December surprise main highlight is. iPad Display Surprise. I'm looking forward to it maybe. IT could be air pods. It could be just like. I said cases for your phones or something else.  There's already rumours about the next iPhone the iPhone 13. Switching over to a pro motion display and having more enhancements. It's a little early to tell about. That but apple's already hard at work on the next iPhones they get a little bit ahead. They have to get all the logistics in place to manufacture. 

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It so you can bet they're already sourcing parts. And things like that but of course. We won't know until it's finalized but if they release an iPhone.  iPad pro. And it's super nice to use with its smoothness. I would like to see this on the iPhones. And hopefully. We will see it soon. It definitely makes a difference when scrolling iOS is fairly smooth anyway. So it does make a little bit of a difference.

So iOS is super smooth already. It's just going to add to that experience like it does on the iPad. Now as far as iOS 14.3 some people are saying will. This be out before the end of the year. And I definitely think it will be and the reason. I say that is when apple announced. The iPhone 12 pro. And the 12 pro max they said that they would bring apple pro raw well to get apple prora you need an update. Which is iOS 14.3. It already has apple pro raw in it. 

iPad Display Surprise

And you turn it on in options If you flip the camera around here. And you'll see. It says raw in the upper right. You can turn it on take a raw photo. Now you've got a raw photo. That you can edit and have all sorts of adjustments. Or whatever without losing any dynamic range. Or any quality in general. So it's already there it's in 14.3. And I definitely think. It'll be out in December at some point I think maybe. We'll have a couple more betas maybe.

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I wouldn't expect an update on that day. Now other than iOS 14.3. I'm thinking apple's going to also release iOS 14.2.2 now they released 14.2.1. Already to all of the iPhone 12 devices. Such as the 12 mini 12 12 pro and 12 pro max. So all of those got the update no iPads got the update. And no other iPhones did. It was just to fix a couple specific problems related to the 12s themselves. But it's odd for apple not to push that to other devices. As well so maybe. 

They'll have an update soon since apple no longer is signing iOS 14.1. Which means that you can only downgrade to 14.2 so right. Now I'm thinking an update tomorrow or Wednesday. But at this point apple's been doing such random releases. And I'm really impressed with the m1 Macbooks. And if they're going to continue to get more power efficient. Or more powerful which i would imagine they will in the future. I can't wait to see what apple has it's really impressive. So this is the Apple December surprise Updates  like iOS 15 Devices, iPad Display Surprise, iOS 14.3 Release and more here And I am exited to iPad Display Surprise. That I want to say you. 

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