What's new in iOS 14.4 beta? New Handoff experience for Home Pod mini.

What's new in iOS 14.4 beta? 

iOS 14.4 beta


I am going to tell you about the initial beta version of iOS 14.4 beta. in this blog. Which I have tested and very searched myself before. And now I will tell about the initial beta version of iOS 14.4 beta.  Please read this blog completely. So let's see you.

About the iOS 14.4 Beta 

The initial beta version of iOS 14.4 beta  includes a new feature that was first shown on the Apple iPhone 12. New features is relates specifically to the Home Pod mini. And the U1 Ultra Wideband chips.

That enables spatial awareness. The iPhone U1 can interact with Apple's little smart speaker in new ways in iOS 14.4 beta. The updated Handoff experience and other experimental features and changes for iOS 14.4 beta.

New Handoff experience for Home Pod mini. The biggest new changes of course, is the best new Handoff experience. That comes with Home Pod mini. Unlike the full-size Home Pod. That has been available for a few years. 

iOS 14.4 beta

The new Home Pod mini comes packed with new technology. Like Apple's U1 Ultra Wideband chip.The U1 chip enables spatial awareness. So this iPhone can take best advantages of richer close interactions. With other products equipped. With the U1 chip. Such as the Home Pod mini.

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Decided to upgrade the Handoff experience. Which previously relied on placing your iPhone exactly close to the Home Pod.

Compared to the more logical interaction of the old way. Home Pod mini and iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with the latest beta version of iOS 14.4 beta. Can create intuitive spatial interactions with each other.

Through the previous Handoff interaction. Users simply held their iPhones near the top of the Home pod to transfer voice or phone calls. To and from the device. And A small banner notification will appear at the top of the iPhones screen indicating that Handoff was successful.

Handoff is no longer lacking for a small banner notification on top of the iPhone. But now Apple users can enjoy a full card interface. That pops up when the iPhone gets close to the Home Pod mini. READ Is 5G the same on all iPhones? These are the differences between the model solds in the America (USA). And the rest of the world.

iOS 14.4 beta

If you move the iPhone that plays media closer to the Home Pod mini. You will feel the device's Tap-tic Drive working. At first, the feedback app is subtle, but the closer your iPhone gets to the Home Pod mini,

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The more feedback. To match force reactions. Visual style is also used. When the iPhone detects your proximity. The mini LED on the Home Pod lights up. The closer you get is the more intense of the light increases.

A visual notification appears at the bottom of the iPhone in the form of a banner. The logo displays the name and location of the Home Pod mini, along with the Home Pod avatar. The mini album artwork, the artist, and the track title.

Users have the option of simply tapping on the logo to manually invoke. The full-size Handoff interface, or moving the iPhone near the Home Pod mini, which will automatically open the Handoff interface.

iOS 14.4 beta

The new Handoff Experience works with the Music app and other types of media sources, like YouTube. Phones calls are also a eligible for Handoff with the new. And improved experience.

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The updated Handoff interface provides us a extensive album artwork, transfer controls and volume controls. And an AirPlay button for audio forwarding. Clicking on the album art image will open the source audio app on your iPhone.

Music can be transferred in both directions. from Home Pod mini to iPhone. Or from iPhone to Home Pod mini. A Transfer to iPhone or Transfer from iPhone button appears at the top of Handoff's interface. But the functionality has been omitted or lost until now.

The revamped transfer experience enabled for U1 is still a bit early. But promising. More importantly thing that. It's one of the first user-facing features to take advantage of the U1 chip found in today's iPhones.

Although Apple said during its iPhone 12 keynote. That the New Handoff Experience will ship to customers. By the ends of the year. It is unlikely that it can deliver on that promise given that. This is the first beta version of iOS 14.4 beta. However, it will be fun to see this feature grow in the upcoming iOS 14.4 beta builds.

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Set Wallpaper One action in the Shortcuts app was New Favorite Features in iOS 14.3. Not only has Apple kept it on iOS 14.4. But is actively working to improve it. In iOS iOS 14.4 beta , users can now change Perspective Zoom Wallpaper with a power switch. 

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