Apple Watch OS 7.2 is out | Best Features Like New health and fitness metrics.

Apple Watch OS 7.2 released for all supported devices and brings with it a number of updates for Apple Watch. Also, iOS 14.3.

Apple Watch OS 7.2


I am going to tell you about the Apple released Apple Watch OS 7.2 on all supported devices. in this blog. Which I have tested and very searched myself before. And now I will tell about the Apple released Apple Watch OS 7.2. So let's see you.

Apple Watch OS 7.2


                                                       Apple Watch OS 7.2



2.5GB / 4GB



OLED Retina


Screen Resolution

324x394 pixels



Heart Rate , Calories , Intake burned , Activity in activity , Distance , Steps


GPS , Light , Accelerometer , Gyro


Water Resistant



Respond To Notifications

Notifications to receive alerts when’s your cardio fitness level is low




Price in india



About the Apple Watch OS 7.2

Apple released Apple Watch OS 7.2 on all supported devices. So basically series three. Apple watches and newer are able to get this update. Now there's also additional updates. Now, along with Wawa, 7.2 Apple also released iOS 14.3, iPadOS14.3, Mac OS 11.1 and OS 14.3. Along with some applications. 

Such as final cut pro updates as well. So a huge amount of updates. And there's a lot of changes with all of these. That kind of work together. So the first thing let's take a look at the size of this update. And this update came in at 284 megabytes on series six Apple watch. It may vary a little bit. But it's about 300 megabytes. In which depending on which device you have. 

Now, the first time you pick up your watch and go into it. You're not going to notice a whole lot new. But if you go to the settings tab, go to general. And then about. You can tell that it's new by looking at the build number. Now there's actually a couple build numbers for this. My build number is 18 S five 63. But this can vary by a digit or so. Depending on the device you have, for some reason. 

Apple Watch OS 7.2

There's two, five, six, three. And five, six, four. So something's a little different there. Now the first major feature is fitness plus. Now you will need that on your iPhone as well. So fitness plus is found in the fitness app. Or activity app is what it used to be called anyway. So in the fitness app. You can see down here at the bottom. There's a new tab called fitness plus. Now this is a subscription service for workouts, with different trainers and things like that. in this Apple Watch OS 7.2

Apple watch series 6. 

And it's not showing up for everyone for some reason in the supported countries, but it is showing up. It just kind of showed up when I closed the app and went back into it. Now I do have my watch updated and paired with it. And maybe that helped. I'm not sure, but some people are still having an issue, seeing it, and on the iPad, it may be a separate app as well. 

So some people are saying it's available, some are not, but when it's out, you'll have the ability to work out using different trainers, different types of work, no workouts. You can see yoga, core strength, treadmill, all of these up here. So maybe you want to do rowing. You can go into rowing and do different rowing workouts. If you have a rowing machine. 

So you have all of those options. It's a subscription service, and it's available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Other countries will probably be coming a little bit later, but right now, those are the supported countries. Now, the first time you use your Apple Watch OS 7.2, and you go into the health app, you'll be presented with some new information. 

Apple Watch OS 7.2

Now I took some screenshots of this since You can't go back into it once it's set up, but you'll get new notifications for cardio fitness levels where it will actually keep track of this. And it can notify you if you turn this on. So it says cardio fitness can be a strong indicator of your overall physical health and a of your long-term health. So as you go through this, it tells you more information based off your age and London conditions, pregnancy. 

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And heart condition. And then after confirming some details, it'll say about cardio fitness levels and it keeps track of VO two max. It will tell you if you have low cardio fitness levels, so you can turn on notifications for that. So once it's set up, it shows you now I don't wear this every day. So this level is very low and you can see it's from a few days back, but in general, it will keep track of that and notify you and help you keep more fit. 

Also, there's some updates to ECG as well. And again, the first time you go into this, you'll have it. And it will say the ECG has new capabilities. Now your particular area has to have this ability as well. So you can actually, we'll go through and show you what the setup looks like, but it says it can now check for atrial fibrillation at higher rates. And let you know if the result is inconclusive due to poor recording.

So maybe you don't have the watch band tight enough. It will let you know. And so those options have been added to health to help you with your watch and your overall fitness. Now, other than that, there are not any other physical changes that you can see here, but there's other additional updates as well. So for example, if you have an Apple watch series four or later, you now have support for ECG in Taiwan. Now, again, this is due to local governments working with Apple to allow this. 

Apple Watch OS 7.2

So it makes a difference whether or not they allow it in your country. There's also support for braille displays with voiceover now, and then there's support for family setup in new countries, such as Bahrain, Canada, Norway in Spain. And it says cellular models of the Apple watch series four or later and Apple watch se are supported. And so those are all the updates that they've actually mentioned, whether or not there's bug fixes.

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I'm not sure, but battery life over the past well day is doing pretty well even after updating and just using it regularly. I'm getting through the day with about 50% left or so, depending on what you're doing, if you go for a workout, take a walk or workout, depending on what you're doing. If you're streaming music, while you'll get less battery life, but I easily get through a day and a half to two days on a single charge with watch 7.2. 

Now, if you're a beta tester, this is the same version. So I didn't normally mention that at the beginning of the video, but if you're a beta tester and you were beta testing Apple Watch OS 7.2. it's the exact same version, just uninstalled the beta profile on your phone install, and then make sure that your watch has restarted. You won't have the beta profile anymore. 

And you'll just have the update you were using it earlier than everyone else was. And it's the same version, but now you'll have fitness plus as well. So there's nothing else significant in this particular update. Uh, this is not a new watch face. This is just using the watch app Lummi. So I use this app called loony, and then you can, it's a paid app though.

And if you use Lumi to tell you when sunset is for different photography and things like that, it tells you when golden hour is so you can take the best sunset photos or sunrise photos, and you can see that here. So it's an app, and then you can make that watch face. If you have it, it's not a special watch face with this update, but other than that, that's all there is in this particular update. I think it's pretty good. Watch OS is pretty stable to begin with, so it should be decent. 

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