macOS Big Sur is OUT [2020] | Best Features and Tips.

macOS Big Sur is OUT [2020]. 


I am going to tell you about the Apple released macos big sur 11.1. in this blog. Which I have tested and very searched myself before. And now I will tell about the Apple released macos big sur 11.1.  Please read this blog completely. So let's see you.


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About the Macos Big Sur Out 

Apple released macos big sur 11.1. Now, like.  But There's been. So much coming out that. So this particular update does bring some significant changes. And updates. And the first thing is you can see it's 3.27 gigabytes. As far as the install size is on my Mac pro. 

So this can vary anywhere from about three to five gigabyte. Depending on the device. You're using. And let's take a look at the build number. And then talk about what's new. So we'll go to the Apple click about this Mac. And where it says version 11.1. Click on that. And you can see the build numbers. So the build number is two zero C six nine. 

And this particular build has a few visual changes. Not very many, couple additions. But quite a few bug fixes. And things as well. So the first thing is they've updated the stickies icon. So if you go to your launch pad or your apps. You'll see stickies here has a new icon to match macos big sur icons. 

Before it had basically post-it notes that said milk, egg, and breads on it. And then just said. Or bread on it and then said stickies underneath. And you can see what the new one looks like here. So they've updated that. Now, the next thing is they've added support for AirPods max. 

So these are Apple's new over the ear. Headphones support has been added. So that all the icons show up. So if you have AirPods max. And you connect them to your Mac, you'll now have support for them. So everything from their adaptive ETQ to high fidelity audio for rich sound. All those things have been added. 

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So you have high quality audio from your Mac to the AirPods max. So that's been updated. Now, the TV app gets an update as well. Apple TV plus is a new tab that gives you direct access to all of the TV plus content such as shows and movies. So you can scroll through them.  And then they've updated search as well. 

So that it's more searchable. And easily separated into different genres. So when you click on search. You've got all of these different genres here from embrace the holiday spirit to comedy, to Spotify, everything else. Now, when you do search for content, maybe you search for Christmas search for that. 

You'll see anything related to it. So search has been improved along with the cast and crew of everyone. That's within the movies that are shown above so or TV shows. So it's really nice that they've updated it. And it seems fast as well when you're searching. Now, if we close that. And we go into our widgets. You can see down.

So if we go into our widgets on the left. We now have news, just like we do on the phone. We can size them from small, medium to large. And they're available for the Mac now, including the iPad and iPhone. So they weren't here before for news. And now they are. So we'll close that. And go into the app store. 

So if we go into the app store will open that up. And the first time you open the app store. You'll get this pop-up. So it says what's new on the app store in arcade. It's basically telling you what's new as far as privacy. And this is a big change to what Apple has been doing. And something that I think is very welcomed. 

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So if you go into the app store, for example, and maybe. You go to Fantastical for example. And then if you scroll down. You'll see apt privacy. We now have tags that show us exactly what's being collected or not collected. So for example. It says data linked to you. And the following data. May be collected. 

And linked to your identity. User content, diagnostics, identifiers. And contact info data, not linked to you location. So it may collect your location, but not actually link it to you specifically. Now, if we go into something else, like maybe word, for example. We'll go into Microsoft word, scroll down. And you can see what they might collect. 

So they're not, they're not collecting anything, not linked to you. Everything is linked to you as far as location. And context and more. You can even see this with Apple's apps. So final cut. For example. If you go to final cut privacy. It says data linked to you, identifiers data. Not linked to you, usage data, identifiers and diagnostics.

So you can see everything very easily explained for all the apps that you want to look at. So it's really nice to be able to see. That now, something else that's new. If you have a new M one Mac book pro or Mac book, air, or Mac mini and future Mac books is when you search for an app that's available on the iPhone or iPad. 

Maybe it's fantastic. How you'll have the option to install the iPhone or iPad version. And what you can do now on the M1 macos big sur is make that full screen. Now it looks kind of comical when you make it full screen. But you have the option to do so. And you can see it there. The nice thing is you can use those widgets for those apps as well.

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So in your widgets pane on the right. You can add whatever widgets you'd like. So whatever app you want to use. If it's not available on the Mac. But it is for iPad and iPhone. And the Apple developer has not opted out. You can use that on your M one Mac. And make it full screen. So that's a new change. 

Now, if you go into photos, they've updated this a little bit as well. And as you can see. There's labels for JPEG plus raw. So these are the different photos. And if you go into Airpods. You'll see. It says JPEG plus raw. Then tells you what it is as far as a raw file. It allows you to edit Apple pro raw. And you can also edit raw files right within photos.

So if you have a raw file, you'll be able to fully edit it here. And you have that ability. They've added that for photos. So let's go ahead and close that and go into Safari again. And in Safari, they've updated one of the preferences. So if we go to Safari, go to preferences, then click on search on the top, on the top, you'll see search engine. 

And we have the addition of Ecosia. So before we had Google Yahoo, Bing and duck, duck go.  Now they've added a Ecosia this again goes across to iOS 14.3. Where they added a cozy to the iPhone and iPad. So you have that option. If you want to use that as a search engine. Let's go ahead and close that out and go into maps. Now within maps. 

They've updated it. So that it has additions for air quality for mainland China. So for example, if I zoom in to Beijing here. You'll see that the temperature appears zoom in a little bit further. And the air quality index appears, and you'll see us as 51. If you click on it. It will open up in weather. And give us more information about it. So in that particular area. 

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So we have more weather and data available for air quality in maps and Siri for China mainland. Also there's health recommendations provided for Siri in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India. And Mexico at certain air quality levels. So you have that. If you have air quality levels that deplete or go down.


You'll be able to find that in Siri, if you ask as well. So let's see if you can do that. What's the air quality near here. Air quality is moderate and 53 right now. So you have air quality information and more of that. If it goes down. Now that's it for new features. But there's some additional bug fixes as well that they've mentioned.


So the first thing is if you were using Quick-Time player and it's up here. Quick time may have some issues where it will quit. It could be quit when opening a movie with timecode track after upgrading from MacOS Catalina that has. Now been resolved with QuickTime. Also the Bluetooth connection status was not displaying properly in the control center. So if you're using the control center, Bluetooth status. 

And maybe it's turned on. And it's not working properly well, now it will work properly. So it should show you the correct status. Also, if you use an Apple watch with your Mac to unlock it. It should now unlock properly. So if we go to unlock in security. And privacy, you can see. You can unlock your Mac with your watch. 

macos big sur

So if you want to do that, you should have the option to do that like you could before. But it should be more reliable. Now, if you're using a Macbook pro trackpads scrolling speeds may have been off from what they were before. So they've been updated. That they're no longer unreliable and faster than they should be. 

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So those have been updated as well. And then finally. If you're using an LG ultra-fine 5k display. It was incorrectly displaying a 4k resolution on Macs that have the M1 chip in it. So if you're using this LG ultra-fine 5k display, it should now display the proper resolution with the new macos big sur one Mac books. 

Now there's additional security updates as well. You can see them for the latest versions. And there's a lot of different updates. So there's security updates has updated everything from audio to core audio, to the font, parser foundation, graphics, drivers, the kernel, and all sorts of things. So they've updated security.


This has done every time to make sure that your device is secure as possible. And I'm glad that they're showing all of these and they've updated quite a lot. So you should definitely install this. If you were thinking of whether or not you should. Well, this is the first big 0.1 update to Macalester macos big sur that should fix a lot of the initial bugs that people were having.


And it should be a little bit more stable, especially if you're on an M1 Mac book and you had the problems. You just want those additional features or AirPods Mac support, for example. So those are all of the updates for this. I would definitely install it. If you're on macos big sur. It's worth installing to make sure. That you have a secure. And stable workstation or computer. So this is the macos big sur. That I talked about.  

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