Whatsapp privacy policy 2021: Users Alert & 15th may Deadlines. OMG!

You all should know about the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021. Therefore it will be known through this article. Lots of updates coming on may 15.

Whatsapp privacy policy 2021

Whatsapp privacy policy 2021

About the Whatsapp privacy policy 2021 

I am going to tell you about this Whatsapp privacy policy 2021: Users Alert & 15th may Deadlines. in this blog. Which I have searched and tested a lot for all of us. Now I will tell you about this. Whatsapp privacy policy 2021: Users Alert & 15th may Deadlines. in this blog. So let's see.

Whatsapp privacy policy

 S o friends, all of you will know about the Whatsapp privacy policy 2021. Do not know if. So it will be known through this article. A lot of updates are coming for what will happen on May 15. Whatsapp will do. What will be the policy of WhatsApp? So let's talk about that today.

Friends, let me tell you about the privacy policy of WhatsApp. So this very good policy is going to come. Because it will come on May 15, but friends, I want you to share this article on WhatsApp so that everyone can know about this policy. And he knew all right about it 

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Whatsapp privacy policy

That friends like you must know that WhatsApp is that he transported from place to place the same message as the owner Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Facebook and struggle.

It Is the beginning of 2021, then friends, when Facebook is there. He had brought some policies for WhatsApp, and Facebook had kept some guidelines, the exact date of its execution was February 8. So Facebook had said that if it follows its policy, follow it. And if you don't follow it, then WhatsApp is what you guys will not be able to use after February 8.

In the meantime, some ministers of India said to Facebook that this is wrong. People were using Telegram more. Later, the deadline was changed to May 15. So now let's see what will happen on May 15, what will not happen, how will the policy come on the 15th, so if I talk about how the policy will come. 

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Whatsapp privacy policy

So now WhatsApp has said that whatever policy you will get on 15 May. If someone does not follow him. Then his account will not be deleted. We will not tell him anything. He does not need to be afraid of us. And we will not ban his account. 

You must have seen that when you are opening WhatsApp. Or your friend is opening a message on WhatsApp, or the message will be showing on the side. That you can accept their privacy policy, send, send, send.


And if you have done this, then let me tell you. That you cannot reject it now at any cost, you can also message them or do something, you cannot reject them. That WhatsApp is that you will keep telling you through notification. And status that you are going to accept their policy. And as you have given. Then you can see it in the photo given above. 

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And one more thing will become a reminder assistant. And will always see you there and keep writing in the same place that you set it. So, friends, you can handle any of your video call voice notifications through notifications. And if you are getting a massage, then you can type a message on the notification. And send the message from there itself. 

For the sake of information, whoever has done it, if he has not done well, no one should do without his will. And his old WhatsApp will remain. But the person who has added, then his privacy policy will fall, he will get help in anything. 

But after the privacy policy, he will also have to face some problems. If it is a matter of privacy policy right now, then our government, which is our government, can come in the middle of it. There is nothing that can stop this. 

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But I will keep you updated on this subject. And yes. It is also a matter that some people are importing Telegram on all these. Due to which WhatsApp also makes a big difference. But let me tell you how much protection your account. 

Your details are not protected on your chat telegram. As much as what is on WhatsApp. How much opposition you pay attention to your policy. So much was in this article. I told you how what you have Whatsapp privacy policy 2021 is going to start on May 15 to worry more. If not needed. Then you can tell in the comment section who can Accept and who rejected.


Hope you understand this. In this article, we talked about the Whatsapp privacy policy 2021: Users Alert & 15th may Deadlines. In this blog. If you liked this article. So, please share with your friend. If you have not understood. So you can tell me through the comments. Thank you.

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