How to shoot cinematic video on your phone: 12+ Steps. You Must Know

You will know about How to shoot cinematic video on your phone: 12+ Steps. You Must Know. So see about How to shoot cinematic video with phone.

How to shoot cinematic video on your phone

How to shoot cinematic video on your phone

I am going to tell you about the How to shoot cinematic video on your phone. In this article. Which I have searched and tested a lot for all of us. And now I will tell you about this  How to shoot cinematic video on your phone. So let's see.

What Is Cinematic Video?

Cinematic video- Cinematic video is a unique video design. Which utilizes the method of action capture to bring your concepts to life. The cinematic video uses action capture to capture cinematic motion within your composition and production pipeline. 

This workflow is perfect for creating the imagery for immersive or 360° immersive experiences. The cinematics video tool is a specialized scripting language for video professionals. Which includes rules for the interaction of the shots, camera angles, basic CG integration, and more.

Cinematic videos should be as long as they can be. Check out the examples of awesome cinematics that are available on the internet. They are all stunning. The editing of them, however, is the tricky part. 

You don’t want to cut out too many parts when you are editing a cinematic video. You want to save the most important parts in them. 

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What Makes Cinematic Video Special?

The things which make Cinematic video so special. The special effect of changing the color in the background during the shooting. And the incredible design, UI design, and graphics used by some of the renowned filmmakers to make the movie. 

The motion graphics used in the movie to show the various stories in the movie In-depth color schemes used by the famous cinematographers in the movies. 

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How to shoot cinematic video on your phone?

So friends, shooting cinematic videos proves to be very difficult for people. But today I will tell you in a very easy way, in a very good way. How to shoot cinematic video on your phone. That too very quickly. So let's talk about How to shoot cinematic video on your phone?

12+ Step to shoot cinematic video on your phone

1. Using the Pro Video Camera App

2. Shoot within range of your phone's camera

3. Time and Lighting of day

4. Exposure

5. Light availability

6. Time Lapse

7. Zoom In lens

8. Improve Audio Quality

9. Battery

10. Delete useless application or videos

11. Tripod

12. Put different lenses on your smartphone

So let's talk about it one by one. 

1. Using the Pro Video Camera App

Friends, if you want to shoot cinematic videos. Then first you have to buy a pro video camera app. Which will completely control the camera of your smartphone. And allows recording at the maximum bit rate. 

Also, the camera would have had a fixed aperture lens. So there's no iris control, meaning your exposure would just be a result of your ISO setting and shutter speed. This is important for you to understand.

By the way, let me tell you. That I would like to recommend you two apps, one is Filmic Pro and the other is Mavis. Because I like it very much. And I liked it a lot when I used it. And that's when I finalized it. That this will be one of the best apps for you.

One note I would like to give you is that. You shoot at UHD 4K and at the maximum bitrate. Which is around 100 - 105Mbps. And save the 1080p high frame rate setting for unique special shots. And save the 1080p high frame rate setting for specific shots. Having a maximum bitrate and maximum resolution for posts is much more important.

Below are three things you'll need to learn if you have to use the manual

1. ISO

2. Focus

3. Shutter speed

2. Shoot within range of your phone's camera

You should know the limitations of your phone's camera. You should know how much your phone will suit. Almost every camera sensor. And every camera system has a limited range of what it can handle when recording image data in use.

This range is mostly rated at the luminance level. Next to this, the camera records only a white. We will have to count down to the minimum useful luminance threshold. Below which there is too much noise for any use in the image. This range is also measured at the top and the light count is doubling at each stop.

If we talk about Dynamic range. I was mostly determined by how well the sensor performs in low light conditions. And how well it has the power to reduce noise in the shadows. 

3. Time and Lighting of day

So friends if you want to record a good video. Then you have to take care to get the best smooth image in your camera. That what is the weather is outside. If the weather is bad. So the video will also be useless.

You have the best options open to you later in post-production to enhance the image of your smartphone. As with any 8-bit 4:2:0 video. You can color grade it. If you've recorded a good image in the beginning. 

But exposure problems can be impossible to fix in the post. It's also impossible to fix over-exposed (blown out) areas in your image. So it's best to avoid over-exposing altogether.

And then it comes down to making sure you record the best image the first time around. And you'll be able to do that. And taking into account the maximum contrast ratio (dynamic range) of 7-8 stops you get,.

You would always like to suit you at any time of the year. And day in the morning. When the sun comes out. And in the evening. If the weather is bad where you live. And you can't suit then wait for the sun to come out and when the blue sky. 

If done, shoot a good video, it will have a very good impact on your video. Your cinematic video will be very well recorded. You will have to do a little hard work. But after the video is recorded. When you see it, you will be very happy.

4. Exposure

Your exposure to the phone's camera has always been very difficult but in some cases. You can now capture the light and the light and the contrast. But sometimes you will have to face a lot of problems.

Which can also disappoint you. But Don't get discouraged your best way to go for you. And on a phone camera with a fixed aperture the exposure is controlled by setting your ISO, and your shutter speed.


If I give you an example, I rate the iPhone for you at around 50 ISO native. And using Filmic Pro I can set the ISO to fine at 50 (or 51 in this case). Which will give you the cleanest image. I no longer bother shooting with the phone in low-light conditions. As it would require a much higher rating.

5. Light availability

First of all eccentric is who it is a baby big misconception. That everyone assumes many movies combine elements like blocking screen design. And camera moments can be one of your biggest assets. 

So that's why If you do it before sunrise or after sunset. Then it will be better, you have to shoot best, that is the best time. And evening time is also a very good time.

6. Time Lapse

Timeless photography- This is a very good thing. Which I also like very much. And I also use it.  Timeless photography refers to filming. Which makes the speed of capturing the film very fast. And you record the video very fast. And it can capture videos one by one. 

For example, if you turn the phone on timeless during the night and wake up in the morning. You will see a time-lapse of the whole Nature. Which looks very beautiful when this group is run again from the standard extreme. 

Then at that time, it seems faster than the other In words. You can see anything for a long time. And with this technique, you can also record the events of the object. And then you can watch it at any time.

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7. Zoom In lens

Zoom In lens - Zoom In lens is a wonderful thing. And I also like it a lot and many people like it very much too. So let me tell you. What is Zoom In? The camera that zooms in our phone is not able to zoom that much. 

So you have to buy a Zoom-in lens one from amazon or Flipkart. With which you can zoom very well on anything and see inside it. Now you can see anything right. Which looked very big and looked very beautiful. You have to buy this along with capturing the video

8. Improve Audio Quality

Friends, you must have also noticed that when a video suits. So some extravagant sound gets captured in the video. Which is very useless. If you want to shoot a good quality video. 

Then you should buy a MIC. Which will make it very easy for you to improve the audio of the video. And the audio of your video will be very good. So you can buy a good mic and a cheap mic by going to amazon Flipkart. 

9. Battery

The battery drains very quickly during shooting. Which is a big problem. Often make sure that your handset has the maximum charge or that your smartphone is connected to a portable charger or power bank. Due to which your phone battery will not run out quickly.

10. Delete useless applications or videos

If you have unnecessary Apps or Videos on your phone, then delete them. If that doesn't satisfy you, try installing video-making apps. Which will be great for you and your phone.

11. Tripod

You may also find it very difficult to hold a compact and lightweight handset. Therefore, buy a good Tripod for your phone to prevent interference and blurry images.

12. Put different lenses on your smartphone

Any lens makes a huge difference when shooting your cinematic video. And can not only change the way your images look that will be a problem for you. There are so many different smartphone lenses out there. 

And if I tell you, they are not all created equal. From my experience. You get the lens you pay for—cheaper plastic units generally aren't good. 

While more expensive metal units with pro-level optics are going to give you both greater durability and sharper pictures. So according to me, you should also get a smartphone lens. Which will be very good for your video quality.

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So that's all for today. Hope you understand this. In this article, we talked about the  How to shoot cinematic video on your phone. If you liked this article. 

So, please share with your friend. If you have not understood. So you can tell me through the comments. Thank you. 

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