Android 12 beta: 3 big changes, Top Crazy Features & Best OS Ever.

Android 12 beta: 3 big changes, Top Crazy Features & Best OS Ever. Google IO is going on. And that means a brand new Android version the Android 12.

Android 12 beta 

Android 12 beta

About the Android 12 beta

I am going to tell you about these Android 12 beta: 3 big changes, Top Crazy Features & Best OS Ever. in this blog. Which I have searched and tested a lot for all of us. Now I will tell you about this. Android 12 beta: 3 big changes, Top Crazy Features & Best OS Ever. in this blog. So let's see.

Google IO is going on. And that means a brand new Android version the Android 12. This is all about the three big changes someone is due to 3. The New UI, privacy. And new features. So let's get started with UI. 

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First big change

So first of all. Let me make it clear. That and 12 is by far the biggest revamp of Android since lollipop. Google calling the material UI. And this UI is all about the more dynamic elements, Cool animations. And more rounded corners etc. And the big changes. 

It was the first stop in the new location shade. And quick settings. But that's not a bad thing. I really like this become invisible icons that have done bitcoin is which are fighting on the left more prominent. 

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And to the number of notifications from an App in a better manner. And one of the notification there are two buttons will be right on it for the notification history. Which looks good. And manage and multiple media players. 

As you will see the Quick setting span. And you get these three options at the bottom of settings to switch add a user account. And lastly settings. And you're supposed to come. But it’s not yet being able to get the new settings for girls in a new tool designed with the thing brightness toggle on the top and of the looks. And it will also bring a couple of very useful toggle to kill switches for the camera. And migrated is this by them for any app.

 But also new toggle will come in for Google Play. And home control. But you are they not possible. The full of the screen has changed. It should be the weather detail to the night will like in Night. And It looks very modern. When you don't have any notification whatsoever. But you get this huge Clock on the lock screen. 

Which hopefully will be customization in future volume UI. This is not an option to get app suggestions on the bottom row of the home screen. 1 3rd suggestion like the one in the advocacy will change according to usage. 

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There is also the brand new settings page. Which makes me feel like. We increase the font size. That it is when you are inspired by the whole 104. And it looked good. And this is there is also a new one-handed mode. Which is very very similar to a disability feature. And dislike the download model.

So for better access to the top UI elements know. And was everywhere even third-party apps. They are new animations almost everywhere. Which really not good. I do like animation. For example, the charging animation that goes from the bottom to the top of the screen of screen animation. 

And I like the screen games from the corner. And that the new animations on this example in the other cities. That this will big material new feature is the wallpaper based thinning candidate will be created a theme based on the colors in your wallpaper will detect the dominant colors. 

And the complementary once. And then create a theme. That left is the whole big buttons, pages, keyboard even third-party apps. And also the new more dynamic reaches. The Android 12 is one of the wizardry wap. 

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Second big change

So let's begin to watch second exchange 112 is the privacy-related changes. So  Android 12 beta is going to be a lower price feature. And all of them of the iOS new kill switch to disable the camera. And microphone access. But there's a whole lot more. 

First Android 12 brings a private compute cord. Which will be a separate partition in the OS. And personal info gathered that features like. Now playing smart reply is accepted on the device itself. And it will also bring a new price to the dashboard. As you will see. 

Which will show you the number of times at the back of the camera mic. And the location in the last 24 hours. It also this time none of which apps have access to these permissions. 

And get it will also be the much-loved price app is using the camera on the mic not give up to the approximate location. As if this is available in this. And you can enable or disable precisely locations for specific apps. That all under Android 12 beta is also brings small pop-ups. When you copy something to show. 

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You that the clipboard is being used. When I feel those features. It’s still missing in  Android 12 is the whole at track information. Which I think is a big deal. So hopefully we will see in the final bit  Android 12 beta in the UAE. 

Third big change

And privacy is the third big thing of  Android 12 beta is obviously the new features a super cool newsfeed audio transition will feature in audio between apps. Some floating icons. Which can be more convenient for some than any other new features. 

That's not part of this beta. But it's coming under  Android 12 screenshots in the new lock folder feature in Google photos. A game mode and game toolbar. Which medicine FPS optimized smart auto-rotate. 

Which is more accurate screen rotation at hibernation. Where they knew that will be for stop. And their temporary data will be created. So this feature is  Android 12 that we will see the latest Android 12

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Android 12 Top Crazy Features

Top Crazy Features

1. One-handed mode
2. Android TV remote
3. New Privacy features
4. Redesigned notification tray
5. Faster motions and animations,
6. A new way to access Google Assistant
7. New Lockscreen layout and updated clock


Hope you understand this. In this article, we talked about the Android 12 beta: 3 big changes, Top Crazy Features & Best OS Ever. In this blog. If you liked this article. So, please share with your friend. If you have not understood. So you can tell me through the comments. Thank you. 

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