How to speed up my laptop: Follow 9 Steps and Faster 200%.

How to speed up my laptop. This is the very biggest problem for laptop users. So I will tell you some such steps that will make your laptop faster.

How to speed up my laptop

How to speed up my laptop

I am going to tell you about the How to speed up my laptop: With follow 9 Steps. In this article. Which I have searched and tested a lot for all of us. And now I will tell you about this How to speed up my laptop: With follow 9 Steps. So let's see.

What is Laptop speed? 

The speed of a laptop matters a lot for you. A laptop’s speed will directly determine if you will be able to do something related. The speed of your laptop determines the duration of your work hours. The speed of the battery that is used to power your laptop can also affect the speed of your laptop.

A laptop's fast speed is a hard thing to achieve. Using various tools and methods, we managed to get to the point where we could use this blog.

If you follow these steps. Then your laptop will speed up by 30% - 40%, thus increasing your productivity. When you start your Windows, Laptops, or PC. You get a feature called Power Mode.

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How to speed up my laptop

Make your laptop faster for follow these steps. 

1. Power Mode
2. Startup Program
3. Delete Files
4. Storage Defrag
5. Windows Update
6. Windows Defender
7. Resource Monitor
8. Windows Customization
9. Restart your PC

Let's talk about it One by One. 


Power Mode

There are 3 types of Power Mode

1. Efficiency

2. Balance 

3. Performance

Or more power modes in a laptop. So the first thing you do is put it on performance mode. And especially when you have your charger plugged in. You take care of this

Otherwise, you can put it on balanced mode. And otherwise, put your mode on performance mode to get peak performance.

Sometimes you have to wait for the apps to open because your system is on Balanced or Non-Performance Mode. Where the battery is extended. So you have to put it on performance mode. And you will start seeing a slight difference.


Startup Program

Startup Program -If your system is getting very slow while booting. And you are facing a lot of problems with this thing. So you first check the startup programs.

You can remove the ones you don't need at all from your laptop or PC. When you install new software. So it often goes to the startup program. And it continues to run in the background.

And it makes a difference in a startup as well as performance. So check your startup programs thoroughly and keep only the ones you want to keep. Which is in yours.


Delete Files

Files - Nowadays people have 1TB hard disk. And your old files keep piling up day by day which makes a difference in performance. And just like with startup programs, check your files too.

Storage Sense - This is a cool feature that gives you a dashboard that shows you old files and their details accurately.

And as you like, you can even delete some files and get more storage space. Which will help in speeding up your laptop or PC. 

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Storage Defrag

Storage Defrag - Defrag your storage between 3-6 months, even after deleting. And this saving files on the hard drive.

The files will still exist even if you ignore them. So defragmentation is very very important. So that all files are in one place while reading/writing or accessing them. And your PC will start working much faster.


Windows Update

Usually, in smartphones, we get to know about the update immediately. But in Windows it is not that easy, we install software after getting 2-3 updates. And we are usually stuck on the old software version.

Please don't do this at all, update to the latest version ASAP. It's really very important. If you check now. So you can see 20-30 events with pending updates. Nowadays, you don't need to use antivirus or anti-malware, or third-party apps.


Windows Defender

Windows Defender - This comes built-in. If you have Windows or a laptop. And don't install other third-party antivirus apps at all. As they will slow down the performance of your Windows laptop or PC.

Windows Defender is more than enough for antivirus, anti-malware, etc. We all use Google Chrome a lot and it is power-hungry for resources.

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Resource Monitor

Resource Monitor - You may have only one tab open. But if you would check Resource Monitor. You'll notice that Google Chrome consumes a lot more resources than your system's CPU and RAM.

So you should take control of it or it would be better to switch to another browser. If you go to Resource Monitor and if your RAM usage is 70-90%. There are also hardware limitations at times. The limit you have crossed.

So then you have to upgrade your RAM at the same time. If it is 8GB RAM then upgrade to 12 RAM / 16GB RAM. If it is 4GB RAM then upgrade to 8GB RAM or more. For a normal user. I wish there should be at least 8GB of RAM as 4GB RAM is not enough nowadays.


Windows Customization

Windows Customization - Many users customize their desktops with live wallpapers just like smartphones. But let me tell you that it has a very negative effect on the resource. So to get more performance keep your setup as clean and minimal as you can.

If you are not using any programs, you can uninstall them, they affect the performance of your PC. Many times we do not turn off our PC or laptop. And we start using it without restarting. Which is very wrong. 


Restart your PC

Restart your PC - Keep one cycle, (At least in 24 hours you will turn it on/off). Don't keep it forever.

Most of the times people close the lid while the system is always running. And it makes a big difference to your laptop or PC. That's why restarting and shutting down are very important. 

So follow all these steps and then it will never say How to speed up my laptop.

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These were very simple steps. That people usually don't do. So that you can use and get maximum performance from your machine. So that's all for today. Hope you understand this. In this article, we talked about the How to speed up my laptop: With follow 9 Steps. If you liked this article. 

So, please share with your friend. If you have not understood. So you can tell me through the comments. Thank you. 

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